About TFG

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Our mission is to maintain the highest level of standards

and integrity, while maintaining constant and continuous improvement in our quality of services and products. We always, and in all ways, strive for excellence.  We are committed to making a difference in the world.

At its foundation a company is people doing things.  We strive to have the right people at the right time performing the right tasks to gain the right outcomes for our clients and ourselves.

We value personal and corporate integrity, old-fashioned hard work, creativity and innovation, and mutual success.



We believe TFG is both a starting point and a targeted
destination – a journey from where hard work begins together to where end results exceed expectations. At each step on that journey, we analyze impacts to assure we are getting desired results without incurring unintended consequences. 

But aspirations demand action. We believe methodology goes hand-in-hand with technology to build in transparency for us to achieve desired, positive project outcomes. Our creative, strategic thinking leads to innovative, maybe disruptive, results. For some clients, we have enabled the development of paradigm changing processes and technologies.