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Not only do our Government Contractor clients love working with us, our Government Relations clients do as well!

Because our Principals have also worked IN the government in both the Executive and Legislative Branches, we understand the nuances of how laws are made and how budgets are put together to fund the projects our Government Contracting clients bid on.

Government Services

Since 2003, TFG has helped its Government Contracting clients win over $40 Billion worth of contracts, with over $5 Billion worth of single award contracts coming during that time.

We have worked with nearly every major government agency, including the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Intelligence Community, to name a few.

Everywhere we have worked, we have won, because we understand how government works and what they truly need to help them solve their problems. We deliver a depth of understanding that goes beyond your immediate project team. Because our professionals don’t work in isolation, we remain constantly connected to other TFG consultants who can be tapped for specific expertise, without our clients paying for a bigger team.

Our success is measured by client satisfaction therefore our goals are to have long-term relationships with our clients to not just to extend contracts for short-term benefit.  We partner with you to create a brain trust to properly define problems and situations leading to proposed realistic, long-term solutions.